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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Eventful Day

Today started out with a package from home! Some post offices in France have been on strike, but it made it, almost in one piece... just a little torn up. My mom sent some things I had forgotten, and some Halloween goodies.
This afternoon the fibers girls once again piled into the vans and were off to another fieldtrip. We went back to Isle sur la Sorgue to visit a factory, and on the way something exciting happened... A 20 Euro bill flew into the river, and everyone wanted it. Calie couldnt reach it off the side, so after it made its way over the water fall, she decided she wanted it so badly that she would risk getting her cute outfit wet. She climbed down the bridge and onto the rocks as we guided her to where the bill was. Dodging ducks and cans, she waded in the water, but last minute took the plunge and came out 20 euros richer.It was quite the event, even some locals watched the crazy American as she soaked herself in the freezing Sorgue River. Worried that Pam would be upset, she hurried out, climbed back up to the road, and had to think how to make herself presentable, as we had yet to make it to our visit with the prestigious textile manufacturer Brun de Vian Tiran.A few of the girls had some clothing they could part with, so they ducked behind this sign and gave her a new outfit. We were then off to our visit!
We were able to spend time with one of the sons of Brun Textiles. Brun de Vian-Tiran is the leading French manufacturer of natural blankets and has been preserving its know-how over two centuries in an uninterrupted family tradition. Mr. Brun explained their process of turning natural fibers right off the animal into throws or scarves that can cost thousands of dollars. Its great because they do every step of the process in one factory, and they have been doing this for 201 years.We then made our way to Tissus Gregoire, an amazing and overwhelming fabric and notion store. They had more fabric than I had ever seen in one building, and enough buttons and trims to spend a day looking at. It was really great, I can only imagine what we will see in Paris.
This is what I came home with. I found boxes filled with button cards for a euro a card! I couldnt pass it up so of course I got 13. No big deal. Also got some other little goodies I could use, so I'm excited! Now I just have to use them!
Oh the potential of a beautiful stack of buttons... another good day in southern France.


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