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Sunday, October 11, 2009


The weekends over and we are about to start our fourth week in Lacoste, technically our midterm week! How crazy. Yesterday was spent doing work in the library because its starting to get chilly in Lacoste! There are Mistral winds that come down from Siberia and bring some chilly and windy weather to southern France. Hopefully the leaves will start to change soon, so I wont totally miss fall again this year! After dinner last night a bunch of us had a movie night and watched Twilight.. sorry, but not a fan. Before all that excitement my friend Janelle, dressed as a little girl with her little bow, fell down the stairs and this is what we found. Anytime she laughs she cries, but what a cute little girl she must have been!
This morning I went again to Isle sur la Sorgue for the antique market. Got some more pictures of books, pretty glass, and a weird goofy rocking horse! Of course sat down for a noisette and enjoyed some people watching before heading back to Lacoste.
I spent a little time crocheting with all my great new yarns from Apt, and chilled a little in the hammock we have hanging on our terrace.
After a chat with the boy, a great nap, and dinner, Lara and I made arrangements for Madrid! We will be in Madrid next Friday night until Monday afternoon, and then Wednesday we leave for Paris for 5 days with the whole group!! How exciting. I also got to chat with my mom and her friend Jamie who will be meeting us in Lacoste for our Vernissage and traveling with us in Italy! and then Laras mom will travel with us in Austria and Switzerland!! I am so excited for everything we have experienced so far, and what we still have left to see!


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