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Monday, October 26, 2009

Paris: Day 4

Day 4 in Paris was primarily spent with my wonderful professor Pam. Most of the fibers girls were headed to Versailles, an amazing place that I had been once before, so I wanted to go see new things. We headed over to the Decorative Arts museum which is within the Louvre. We saw an amazing exhibit of fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet, a jewelry exhibit, Toulouse-Lautrec, and then to the great Musique en Jouets! -- a toy exhibit. It was so fun, and there were kids that walked in and were just so excited. Pam had been anticipating the dancing rabbits and we sat down and enjoyed them.

We then took the metro over to the Bastille and St John area and walked into numerous cute shops. We eventually stopped for a great cup of coffee at the same cute cafe I had been to the day before. We even found Frozen Yogurt!
I wanted to go out to Montmartre to visit a wonderful trinkety store. They have a wonderful site that looks just like the store. The store is called Tombees du Camion and we loved it. When we walked out of the metro we immediately saw Moulin Rouge!
It was a very successful and enjoyable day. Once I got back to the hotel the girls met to get Thai food down the road, and then to get another glass of cider. We were definitely beat from our adventures in Paris thus far.


Katie Runnels said...

Oh, Melissa! I am so wishing I was a stowaway in your pocket!! I love seeing your photos! Thank you for leaving me a note on my blog! I hope the rest of your stay in France is as lovely! Is Helene still in the office? please tell her I said, boujour! Oh, to be there again! I hope its soon! Take care! xoxoxo

Katie Runnels said...

PS...You are so lucky to be there with Pamela!! I can't imagine a more wonderful traveling companion! xo

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