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Monday, October 26, 2009

Paris: Day 1

Waking up early Wednesday morning for Paris was almost like a dream. I hadnt got much sleep because of the anticipation and the wind was blowing crazily outside. It was 5:25 am and we had to get ready to leave! We bared the strong Mistral winds and made it down to the cafe for breakfast. Then hopped on the bus for our hour ride to Avignon. We got to the TGV station to wait for our high speed train. Once it came we had three minutes to board 50 people. We got our seats and enjoyed the French countryside on our three hour journey to the city of lights.We arrived at Gare de Lyon and walked to our hotel, trying to take it all in. We arrived at Hotel Home Latin, in the Latin quarter between the Pantheon and Notre Dame!
Lara, Michael, and I took a walk over to Notre Dame stood on the medallion outside, then went to look at the interior. I then walked up to the Pantheon and got a feel for our neighborhood.
We met back at the hotel and a group of us walked 45 minutes to Pere Lachaise, the cemetery where a lot of famous people including Chopin, Jim Morrison, and Oscar Wilde are buried. The fall leaves were everywhere and it was a great walk, even though our first two days there were a bit rainy.
We stopped for cafe au lait, a crepe, and then later Megan, Lexi and I walked around to find a good dinner place and ended up eating at a Tunisian restaurant. It was really good! Our first day in Paris was a success.


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