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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Travel Plans

Today was a day of classes and a day of crocheting. I am really enjoying sitting and focusing my brain on patterns and numbers and repetition. It is working my mind in a different way that I think is going to benefit my creativity and my work. I will share what I have been working on when I have a little more done and pictures taken!

At the same time I cant help but to be excited about the travels I have coming up. This weekend Lara and I will be adventuring to Madrid, Spain. We are still working out the details, but are using our Eurail passes to get there by train, have our hostel booked, and a RyanAir flight back to Marseille. I am excited to explore that city and unlike Barcelona, will have someone that knows some Spanish with me at all times!

Then next Wednesday we leave for Paris! Pam has so many great things planned for us fibers girls. I think we are going to have opportunities to meet people in the field, visit amazing shops, and buy amazing supplies! I cannot wait. Also, we are there at the same time as FIAC (an exposition of contemporary art) which takes place the 22-25th and we get to be there for the excitement. As if Paris wasn't exciting enough. So lots to look forward to in the coming weeks!
a piece by Michael Scott which will be seen at FIAC

P.S. Check out this TED video. this boy I like just sent it to me and its really an inspiring story...


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