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Friday, October 2, 2009


So the great thing about taking a fibers class and a class about the history of Provence while in France, is that we are in the middle of Provence and we are surrounded by beautiful fabrics. Therefore, we go on a million fieldtrips and we go see just what we are learning about! Its pretty wonderful. Today we went on two fieldtrips, the first was for Treasures of Provence to go see a village filled with these stone structures we have learned about called Bories. Near the town of Gordes is la Village des Bories. It is an interesting little village solely constructed of stone. The structures are strong and have beautiful shapes which means beautiful pictures.
After a few bories you have kind of seen them all, so I started looking at the ground as I walked through. Good thing I was cause I found a treasure!! I found a treasure of Provence! Just sitting there was a tiny little coin that I picked up and I took home with me! Its very thin and smaller than a dime. There might be some writing or pictures on it but it might very well have nothing. It needs to be cleaned off but I found a treasure! I got a picture of it near a pretty little flower stuck between the rocks.When we got back from Gordes it was time for a nap and a little more work before the next fieldtrip. The fibers ladies went to L'Isle sur la Sorgue, a very quaint town that is actually an island between rivers, for a fiber artist's opening at a cute home decor store in town. They served wine and sushi and we got to hang out with the locals and check out the work. It was fun. Then we all went to a Vietnamese restaurant and I got some yummy chicken curry, a good change from school food.Tomorrow morning Lara and I are leaving early with her dad to visit the Castle of Carcassonne, should be interesting. And tomorrow night is a full moon and Pam is going to take us on a full moon hike! Lots to do this weekend! Until then!


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