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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Deja Vu

This weekend was fun because there was a lot going on. I have seen so much in only three weeks in Europe, and I cant wait for what I will see during the next seven! Lara's dad was here visiting and he took Lara and I on a french roadtrip in his stick-shift Peugeot. I had the whole, small, backseat to myself and we hit the road! Our first stop was the Pont du Gard, a site I visited when I was 16 on a trip with my high school french class, but it was one of my favorites! Its a beautiful Roman aqueduct that stretches across the Gard river and it used to bring water to the town of Nimes. Our group is actually visiting the aqueduct and Nimes next weekend, so I will be able to see it for a third time! It is so grand and beautiful, it impresses me every time!
Our main destination was the medieval village of Carcassonne. It is surrounded by huge walls and has a chateau and cathedral inside, among other things. As we walked up to the entrance there was a familiar looking carousel and I realized I had been there when I was 16 as well! It was total deja vu and you would think I would have remembered, but the trip I took in high school consisted of many medieval villages, cathedrals, and chateaus and I hadn't recognized the name!
We spent the rest of the day outside the walls driving around the tiny streets and finding a place to eat. We had the most amazing baked lasagne and yummy desserts before we headed back to Lacoste under the full moon. In the morning I woke up early to go to the antique market in l'Isle sur la Sorgue. I got a beautiful piece of vintage lace, a vintage cloth, and embroidery floss. I also got some great pictures of what some vendors were selling.
After walking around Janelle and I found a cute cafe by the river to have an espresso at. The group stopped at the supermarche for some goodies and we made it back to Lacoste so I could sit out on the terrace, do some work, talk to the boy, and then go for a run before dinner! Heres to another week in southern France!


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