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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two weeks down

We just finished our second week of classes here in Lacoste and I wanted to share a little of what I have been working on. For Advanced Travel Portfolio we were given something we like to do, and something we dont like to do, and were to make seven "yes's and no's". We are still making them, but so far my yes's have consisted of a found weaving, and two crochet pieces. I am still working on one, but I was to "listen to my hands" because a lot of the times when I get in the right mindset... its as if my hands just do the making for me. My no is drawing so I have been drawing sights around Lacoste and even went to a figure drawing session. These small exercises are hopefully going to open my mind to bigger things to come this quarter.What is really great about being here is that I am taken away from a lot of the every day distractions I have back at home. It has allowed me to focus on my work and given me time to admire God's creations. I really hope that I continue to produce work and ideas while the distractions are gone, because once I get back to Savannah I'm sure it wont be as easy. For my Treasures of Provence art history class I have to keep a journal, which I have decided not to put off until the last week like I have done in the past. And my favorite thing to do is to work out on the terrace, with all my materials spread out on the table, and this view right in front of me.
Well that is what I have been up to! Today was a tcb (take care of business) kind of day. Laras dad is here for the weekend and I might be able to travel with them Saturday either to the coast or inland to an awesome castle. Tomorrow I have two field trips, one to Gordes to see the bories , and another to L'Isle sur la Sorgue for a fiber artist's opening. Should be fun!


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