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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My current state...

The current state of my life looks a little like this...
But luckily part of that is due to this...
And part of the reason things look like this
Is because I have been spending time laying in the park, going for runs, and enjoying the 70 degree weather I have been craving!
Forsyth is just so beautiful, and maybe one day my desk will look almost as beautiful.
credit to my dear friend Liz Maycox for the pretty pictures

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break was so busy that I havent updated in forever! oops. I flew home on the 12th, my parents met me in Newark with a car and I headed up to NYC to see my boyfriend I hadnt seen in 10 weeks. We visited with friends at Kaffee 1668 where our school friend Andrew Cherry had a gallery of his work that he designed for the coffee shop. Very cool, check them out!

Saturday-Sunday were rainy days that we spent in Cape Cod, MA. It was awful weather, and we lost power in our hotel, but we went on a fun road trip, got a driving tour of Cape Cod and enjoyed it anyways. Heres a little of what we saw...

we drove through Providence RI on the way there and Newport RI on the way back
our hotel was on this bay, which Im sure with better weather conditions looks much more appealing
we drove out to the tip of the cape to Provincetown, a very charming little town, the sand was blowing and covering the flooded roads, it was beautiful!
we had fun despite the conditions and being stuck in the car
the hurricane-like conditions made the HUGEST waves, ive never experienced such winds
saw lots of lighthouses past the fog and rain
Monday and Tuesday were spent hanging out in the city, visiting stores, and doing research. Wednesday I went home to hang out with mom, we found an Irish tea house in Bethlehem to have lunch at, very festive since it was St. Pattys day and we are Gallagher's. We even had our traditional ham, boiled cabbage and potato dinner that night.

Thursday I went into Philly for an exciting interview and to hang with friends, drink coffee, eat chocolate moose pie, and enjoy the AMAZING weather we didnt get in Cape Cod but in Rittenhouse Square.
Before I left on Saturday we enjoyed some time at Lake Galena, what a beautiful day.
Then we drove back to Newark, said our goodbyes, and I waited in a hot airport until we boarded the plane, deboarded the plane, and boarded again when they found our captain? Oh the confusion. But now I am back in Savannah, another quarter is beginning, and a big one at that! I will be doing an internship with SCAD called Working Class Studio, finalizing my Portfolio, and learning about the architectural history of Savannah! Then this summer I have three more electives to go and I'm free! Let the craziness begin.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

finished blanket!

its been a little crazy since finals week, packing up to come home, and spending time in nyc/cape cod and now at home! i wanted to share my finished blanket... I didnt have time to take great pictures, but here is what I have for now...
cant wait to cuddle up with it! ps. when i get another free minute ill update what ive been up to this spring break. happy st patricks day by the way!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

35 hours later...

Between making the warps, prepping the loom, and weaving two 30x75 inch panels, I spent a minimum of 35 hours on this blanket. I am really happy with how it looks, and feels!
Since I was weaving until 5 am I made sure to rest on it for a few minutes once it was all off the loom.
She is drying on my back porch right now. When thats done I will piece her together and give her some fringe (I guess shes a girl) One day soon I will have my very own customized throw blanket.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

half way

half way there! 75 inches down, 75 to go! i can make fabric, how cool is that!?

5 hours down...

and at least 15 hours to go. I have a quarter of my blanket done-- its fun to just sit there listening to music and weave. methodical almost. here are my first 35 inches!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

In the Midst of Finals

Finals are here! But I feel on top of things. My loom is almost set to weave-- thats what ill be doing all weekend. I was at the building all day, literally, but I got my screen printing final done! Here are three colorways of the linocut block I shared the other day.