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Friday, October 9, 2009

Third times the charm

Clouds were rolling over the mountains this morning when I got up. Apparently there was a big storm overnight, but I slept so well I didnt hear a thing. I cant get enough of the valley I get to look at every day. I probably take at least a picture a day.
We left early this morning for a fieldtrip to Nimes and le Pont du Gard, two places I visited when I was in France when I was 16, but I was excited to go back! Nimes is a city with a lot of Ancient Roman architecture, including this arena and le Maison Caree.
After visiting these two and the Caree d'Art museum, Lara and I went for a walk to le Jardin de la Fontaine and up to the top of the town to le Tour Magna. It wound up being a beautiful day, and we had a very nice walk around Nimes.Once we made it back down the hill we found an area with a lot of cafes to choose from and had a seat. We ordered some Sangria to share, I got lasagna and Lara got Kangaroo! So adventurous, it tasted a lot like steak, pretty good! Our meal was yummy and it ended with chocolate moose, strawberry ice cream, and espresso! After buying some yarn and zippers at a few stores we headed back to the bus and on to the Pont du Gard, my third time there!We waded in the water, like I had done four years prior. A bunch of our group had brought their bathing suits to go swimming in the chilly water, but because we thought it was going to be a rainy day we didnt bring ours.
I decided to sit by the water and crochet, but then got the urge to jump into the river. Lara and I decided to do it, show a little skin, and hop in! It was so fun and it only took three visits to the Pont du Gard for me to finally swim underneath it!


Andrea Yu said...

Missin you guys so much!!

much love!

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