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Monday, October 26, 2009

Paris: Day 5

Our last day in Paris was a busy one. I had a list of the things I still wanted to do and I was determined to get them done. I started by going to an antique market, which I loved. I got lots of little treasures and I cant wait to give them to people! I loved walking around, getting pictures, making transactions in French, and seeing the entertainment!

From there I came back to the hotel to drop of my purchases, then went up to the Pantheon to go in this time. Outside was this statue with a bag of trash and a cone on its head! It was quite the site. It was right outside the college so it must have had something to do with that.
Next up was the Cluny museum where I snuck a picture of the Unicorn Tapestries. It was a smaller museum but filled with lots of great textiles.After the Cluny I walked over to Musee d'Orsay. I really enjoyed this museum. They have a lot of Impressionist work and had a fun Art Nouveau exhibit.Walking across the Seine to the Louvre I was just amazed at what a beautiful day it was and how lucky I am to be where I am. How amazing.The Louvre was crazy as usual. I just quickly went through the Egyptian area and wound up by Venus de Milo and Mona. Typical.My last stop of the day was to Sacre Coeur. What an amazing and beautiful place. I loved the church inside and out, but didnt enjoy the millions of people that were there, including the annoying men trying to touch you and sell you things. They just ruin the places. But I enjoyed it anyways, and went in to see a little bit of the mass that was going on. It was just amazing, and the whole trip was amazing. Europe is amazing.Once I made it back to the hotel I grabbed my bag, grabbed a crepe, and took the bus to Gare de Lyon to wait for our train back to Lacoste! Success.


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