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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Searching for Inspiration

Its not that I am not inspired, because look at what I look at every day. Being in France, traveling, seeing new things, seeing beauty everywhere is inspiring me to do more. It is just a matter of what. Last night I finally learned to free motion embroider. Janelle, the pro, showed me the ropes, and I really enjoyed it! I made a honeybee because Melissa means honeybee, and a bear, cause my boyfriend Chester is a teddy bear and I miss him! I had fun drawing with the sewing machine and am looking forward to experimenting more with this fun technique.
I spent the last two days making and researching, searching through blogs, websites, music, videos, talks to get ideas and inspiration. Tomorrow we are going on a fieldtrip to Rousillon to visit a company, Okhra, that will give us a natural dyeing workshop. Looking forward to that, I miss natural dyeing. If you have anything inspiring, words, websites, pictures, please send them my way!


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