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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I just got busy!

All of a sudden its 10 pm and I leave at 8 am for a fieldtrip to Glanum then to Avignon to start our travels to Madrid! I have been crocheting for so many hours that I have run out of time! This morning Lara and I went to see about making reservations for our train to Madrid, and its a good thing we did cause Helene spoke to a French man who had to "pull some strings" to get us our seats on the trains we needed. We should arrive in Madrid tomorrow around midnight, make our way to our hostel, and then explore the heck out of Madrid. Cant wait! We have become so into researching our travels, and after spending many hours today creating a complete itinerary for my mom when she comes here and we travel to Italy, I think I should become a part time travel agent. And a realtor, cause Im good at finding subletters.

But anways, I will be taking lots of pictures this weekend and should have lots to update about when I get back, if I'm not able to update while I am there. But until then... have wonderful weekends!


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