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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A fibers surprise...

Pam had a surprise for us. One that was going to make us die when we saw it. Our surprise was that the handsome french man from Brun textiles that we saw a few weeks ago gave us some "remnants" of their wonderful and expensive fabrics, but those remnants were more than remnants. We probably had thousands of dollars of fabrics on our table. We each got to draw five different pieces of amazing fabrics and take them to use how we wished. There were pieces of pure cashmere, 100% alpaca, and other wonderful fabrics. We were and still are in heaven. This is my pile!And to top it off, look whats right outside our studio! Loving fall in southern France.


Anonymous said...

Love this! All the girls with their cameras and all the little squeals of delight! Oh, I wish I were with you all!

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