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Monday, October 26, 2009

Paris: Day 2

Day 2 was packed with lots of great opportunities for the fibers girls. We started off by taking the metro over towards Li Edelkoort's studio. We found this stencil on the ground. I like you.We got to experience something amazing. We paid big bucks to be able to go inside the Trend Union, where Li Edelkoort, a fashion trend expert puts together trend forecasts for fashion, fabrics, and many other areas up to two years in advance. She travels the world and has a team of researchers that put together everything she thinks will be "in" into a presentation. We got to hear about what the company does and then got to watch the presentation for Spring/Summer 2011 and it was so inspiring! What an opportunity, one that we would have never been able to experience on our own.On the way to the metro we had to walk through an automobile industry strike. France is known for their strikes. They have them all the time. They are also very organized about them and plan them in advance and get permits for them. This one was interesting and at one point looked like a war zone. Down the road there was a burnt car, not connected with the protest, but it looked like it!
Once we got through the protest we made it to Prelle. The company weaves silk in their factory in Lyon, which we are going to see next week. We were taken through their showroom in Paris and shown their amazing collection, which we are not allowed to share the pictures of, so China doesnt copy their designs. Really. Anyways, their company made the original silks that hung in Marie Antoinette's bedroom chamber, they worked on the Marie Antoinette movie, and now they work to recreate those designs and others. We were given yet another amazing fibers opportunity.Afterwards we went to La Droguerie, a great fibers store, and walked to another store with great trinkets. Megan, Caitlin, and I walked back to the Latin quarter and had a yummy Italian dinner.
After dinner we went to the Eiffel tower. We didnt go up, but we stayed to watch the light show... which was interesting. Its pretty corny how they make it turn rainbow to the beat of the songs they play. It was kind of lame, but it was the Eiffel tower. I had a creepy man touch me and ask me to call his brother and he would give me money. I told him, "Please dont touch me", and Janelle told him "youre rude, go away" so we left. Janelle and Kara danced underneath, then we went back to the hotel and got a crepe to end the day.


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