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Monday, December 7, 2009

Vernissage: Before & After

I have been slacking. Home has preoccupied me and also worn me out. But I promise to be better! I have tons of things to update on... starting with Vernissage and my travels after Lacoste, and then what is happening at home. Here we go...

Vernissage was our student exhibition of all of the work that was made while in Lacoste. We put it together ourselves and although the wind kept many people from coming, it was still a great event and lots of fun. It was amazing to see how we changed our work studios into galleries, and here are some before and after pictures of some of the amazing fibers work.

Kara and Janelle: Before
Kara and Janelle: After
Megan: Before
Megan: After
Lexi and Caitlin: Before
Lexi and Caitlin: After
What I miss most about Europe is this view... so so much.
The same day of Vernissage my mom and Jamie came to join us. Saturday morning we went for a walk to Bonnieux. It was a beautiful and windy day.
Sunday morning Lara and I said goodbye to hidden valley ranch, and we headed to Avignon for the night where we would catch a 4:45 am train to Florence Monday morning.


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