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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zurich & Lucerne, Switzerland

We sort of breezed through Switzerland, but everything we saw was beautiful! We had a fairly long train ride, leaving bright and early from Salzburg to Zurich. Zurich was just a connecting point for us to get to Lucerne, but we decided to put our bags in lockers at the train station and check it out while we were there. Its not every day that youre in Zurich, right? We walked around, ate macaroons, took a Lacoste roommate Christmas picture, and ate lunch before making our way back to the train station.
Next on the list was Lucerne which was only a 40 minute train ride from Zurich. The sun was setting when we got there (since the sun set at like 4 pm) and soon it was time for dinner. We had to get fondue while we were in Switzerland, so of course thats what we did (again... another birthday dinner!) It was so yummy, and we all had never been so full. We made it back to our hotel, and passed out. In the morning we woke up to these beautiful sights!It was an early morning for us and we were about to part! I had a full day of traveling back to Barcelona, and Lara and her mom were going on a scenic train to Montreux! We said our goodbyes and I started my 12 hour day of train rides. I made it to Barcelona at 8, and met up with Allan at 9 for some tapas. It was good to see him, 10 weeks later in Barcelona! The next morning I left the hostel, got breakfast with Jordan, and made it to the airport just in time. Unfortunately I had another long day of travel as the weather in Heathrow, London where I was connecting was awful and the whole day of flights was delayed. I arrived to Heathrow an hour and a half late, and had 45 minutes to get from terminal 3 to terminal 5. No idea how I made it since I had to take buses, go through customs and security, and run up and down escalators and through long corridors, but I was the last one to make it on the flight, with two minutes to spare. Little did I know we would be delayed another hour and a half... but I made it, and enjoyed a few movies, a few meals, and a few glasses of wine! When I arrived in Philadelphia it was 10 pm, 4 am in France and I was beat, but happy to see my mom. Little did I know, Chester was hanging out down the hall and surprised me! It was so good to see him after 73 days apart! Off to Perkasie we went.


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