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Monday, December 7, 2009

Florence, Italy

We had a long day of traveling to get to Florence. We left Avignon at 4:45 am and arrived in Florence at 5:30 pm. We were welcomed into Italy with two 50 euro fines for not filling in our Eurail passes correctly (I had to tell my mom to stop and pay or she would get arrested), but we made it! We enjoyed a wonderful Italian meal, so yummy, and the food didnt stop coming. Afterwards we enjoyed gelato, and had my first birthday celebration at an Italian bar.
In the morning we started our day at the Pharmacia, a suggestion from my professor Pam, where we smelled beautiful perfumes and I found this lovely print.We were amazed to turn the corner and see amazing buildings and churches, especially the ginormous Duomo and the golden doors of the Baptistry.
We spent some of our afternoon at an outdoor market filled with leather goods on every stand.For lunch I had Italian pizza, different but very good!We opted out to see the fake David, where it used to be located before moving into a building that you need to pay 10 euro to get inside. It was still impressive.We ended the night by climbing up a path to see the sun set over Florence. After a long and wonderful day, we were back on the train and on to Rome!


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