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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vienna, Austria

After an interesting overnight train experience, we arrived in Vienna, Austria! Austria was very different than France. It didnt feel as European, no stone buildings, didnt feel as old. The buildings were more modern, with different shaped roofs, but everything was green and beautiful! The landscapes that we passed were amazing, rivers, lakes, and snow covered mountains. When we got there we found our hotel, then decided to just walk around and check things out...Because Lara loves horses and grew up doing dressage, a form of horseback riding where the horse almost dances, we went to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. These horses were of Royal descent and it was pretty awesome to watch them as they practiced their moves. After some exploring, we went to Rick Steve's suggested cafe, which happened to be cute cafe filled with locals, and no hints of english. We ordered our kaffes and an omlette, since we knew that wouldnt have liver in it, or we hoped.After our meal it was time to go back to our hotel to meet Laras mom. Unfortunately, she never made her flight, so instead we got a phone call from Singapore and decided we would meet her mom in Salzburg the next day. We then went out to explore again, and enjoyed the Christmas decorations and markets all around Vienna, which by the way is the home of Mozart and other composers.Vienna was fun, except for when the ATM sucked up my debit card (because Bank of America decided that I was out of the country too long and thought they would cancel all of my cards, thanks for not paying attention to the dates I said I would be in Europe... I'm bitter) And I also felt way out of my element not knowing German. Its not like the other countries where you could at least guess what signs meant or figure out some words, I mean, just look at what this building said...


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