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Monday, December 7, 2009

Rome, Italy

We somehow did Rome in a day. It was an exhausting and amazing day. We started off by going to Vatican City. We just happened to be in Rome on a Wednesday, and the Pope just happens to speak to the public on Wednesdays. We first saw St Peters Basilica. Wow. It is amazing, there is no way you cannot be in awe of it when you enter.At 10:30 we started trying to figure out where the Pope was going to be. My mom scoped it out and somehow got us four tickets to go in the huge auditorium where the Pope was addressing the public. Although I am not all about the Pope, it was pretty cool that we got to see him, even if he was a tiny white dot among the thousands of people in there. Can you see him?Next was the Vatican museum and the maze of artwork leading up to the Cistine Chapel. Although it was not exactly what I was expecting (I was expecting a dome, and it was a rectangular room) it was still great. I snuck a picture, there is proof my mom was there...Next up was the Roman ruins. Even though I kept telling my mom not to pay attention to people selling things and begging, I somehow was fooled into having my mom get a picture with this guy in front of the Colosseum and for some reason didnt think he would ask for money. He did. He got me.
The Colosseum was amazing. I couldnt get over how big it was, much bigger than the arena in Nimes, and you could see the chambers that were once below the ground where the animals were kept before they were to be killed!We walked through Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. It was crazy to see single columns standing, or even fallen over, and ruins that are thousands of years old among the city!We walked the Roman streets seeing sights along the way, and wound up at the Pantheon. Again, not what I was expecting, but impressive none the less.Our last sights for the day were the Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain. It was crazy to turn the corner and see this larger than life fountain lit up as the sun was setting. There were tons of people around, but Lara and I threw our coin in the fountain to make our wish.Well, we did it, we did Rome in a day. It was off to Venice late that night!


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