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Monday, December 7, 2009

Venice, Italy

I loved Venice. I love that there are no cars because it is a maze of canals and bridges. I love that everything is transported by water. I love that there are islands where they blow glass and make lace. I even love that trash trucks cant get around the islands so they hang their trash on hooks, who knows what they do from there! But I just thought it was lovely, and filled with lovely colors, lovely sounds, and lovely food. We didnt go on a romantic gondola ride, but there were lots of Italian men ready to take you!There were markets on different streets as we wandered. I loved the colors.I couldnt get enough of the buildings with their little gardens and shutters, plus it looked like they were growing right out of the water.
The colors were amazing!! There isnt one picture from Europe that I have edited, they are straight off my camera, because they are so beautiful the way they are!!We heard about these two islands, Murano and Burano, two islands where they blow glass and make lace, respectively. We spent too much time on Murano, the glass blowing island and never made it to Burano, but I'm sure it was amazing. I'll have to go back.We had our last Italian meal together as Lara and I would be continuing on to Austria and Switzerland and my mom and Jamie to Paris then the US, later that night. I wanted tiramisu and of course my mom said "It's her birthday!" so we got a huge piece to split for free. We devoured it in a minute.
Around the corner were these bricks, even the bricks were beautiful!
Once back to Venice we made our way to St Marks Plaza, then took a vaporetto down the Grand Canal back to our hotel.Venice was lovely, Italy was lovely, but after only three days (I cant believe we did all we did in three days), it was time for us to part. Lara and I had an overnight train to Vienna, and my mom and Jamie to Paris. Success.


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