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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vernissage Preparations

The preparations for Vernissage have commenced! Today was spent painting walls, relocating spiders, and sweeping up the piles and piles of threads the studio has gathered all quarter. Elise, Allison, and I will be showing our things in the Blue Gallery. Its a great little space on the main stretch and it will be a lot of fun to set it all up tomorrow!
The gallery space was a little dirty... It held an installation in it all quarter, with the window open, so it was full of dirt and mold (gross!). When I say a little dirty I'm kidding, we filled a bucket half way with what we swept up... and we will sweep again tomorrow!
This is how we left the space... Cant wait to see it all finished and filled with great fibers and photography from two of the photo students.The rest of my day has been spent in the library adding some finishing touches to my pillowcases, working on a few more coin purses, and making labels! I had my cards of buttons and supplies all over the room!


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