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Saturday, November 7, 2009

It'll be ok

I finished my pillowcases. I think there are 18. Did I go overboard? Its ok, I really like them. Theyre so French, and I like how my collection of fabrics, ribbons, and buttons from my trips didnt seem like they would go together, but I think I made it work! Now I will just be spending my last few days making little bags and coin purses and finishing some journals. No big deal, I can do it.

Also, Lara and I made the decision to buy train tickets from Venice to Vienna since the Eurail spots were filled, and it is only costing us a little more than what our sleeper reservation fees would have been, so its ok, and we're going to Vienna and we will meet Laras mom there! Now I just have to figure out my way back to Barcelona... one thing at a time.


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