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Friday, November 6, 2009

Ah Stress!

Today was one of those days. It started off alright.. went to the Musee de la Lavande and learned everything you would ever want to know about Lavender. Did you know there are two types? And pure lavender is only grown in Provence? Well now you know.
We saw machines like these. They used to distill lavender essence, and alcohol. Yum.
And Lara thought it would be fun to be a child again. Seems shes too old for that. Sad.
Then this afternoon we worked out all our trains we need for our European adventure starting next Sunday. I went to the train station in Apt all ready with my list, only to find out that we cant get half of the trains we want! Ahhhhhh! So here I am, not sure what to do. I got my mom and Jamie a ticket from Paris to Avignon, but I have to try to mail it to them before they leave the US on Thursday so they can use it! Then our overnight next Sunday to Florence is full, so we have to spend a night in Avignon to leave at 445 in the morning and lose some of our time there. Then, they werent able to book any trains that are just in Italy and just in Austria or Switzerland since they arent their train companies. So we can hope we can get on those when we get there! Ahhhhh. Then I got my mom back to Paris from Venice, if we get there, and Lara and her mom from Geneva to Paris, if Lara and I can get an overnight from Venice to Vienna to meet her mom! AHHHH! oh, and I dont know how I'll get back to Barcelona. But you know. It will work out. It just will.

Then I realized how little time we have left here and how much work I need to do, and its been a little overwhelming. So pray I can do it all and things work out for our travels. Either way, we'll be in Europe, so we cant complain. And this time next week all of our work will be done, hung up, and we will be drinking some wine and selling some artwork. La vie est belle, right!?


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