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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Living above the Clouds

Today was such a lovely day. I woke up on the earlier side, walked out my door, and saw this...Its like we're living above the clouds! It was a great start to the day, and then it just continued to get better! The fibers ladies were lucky enough to visit Les Olivades, the last manufacturer of fabrics left in Provence. We got to witness their process of screenprinting provencal fabrics from start to finish. And then we got to buy some as well!
We were taken through the whole factory where we could see rolls and rolls of beautiful fabrics. We made it to the room where they take the prepared fabric and screenprint it on a table that is probably 200 meters long! Its huge. There is a machine that holds the screen and moves along the fabric printing the whole length. Here is the huge table with the fabric they were working on today. They had done four of the eleven colors so far, and had the pigments and screens ready for the next seven!Before we went into the showroom to look at the finished fabrics for purchase I found this awesome rust on one of the machines.In the showroom they had lots of beautiful fabrics hanging, most of them out of our price range. But we found the hidden back room where there were scraps of fabrics you could purchase by the kilo at a reasonable price. I got four great fabrics, a pot holder, and a bag of lavender for gifts! I'm excited to start making some new things!Since we were so excited about the factory we missed lunch back in Lacoste, so we stopped in St. Remy, a really nice town, and got some lunch, and of course some ice cream and chocolate!When we arrived back to Lacoste, the clouds I saw in the morning were gone and it was a beautiful clear day. La vie est belle.


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