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Monday, September 28, 2009

A weekend in Lacoste

So our first week in Lacoste is over! The weekend was beautiful weather so a lot of it was spent outdoors. Saturday morning we woke up to go to the market at Apt again. Since we had been there once we had an idea of what was there but it was nice to go and enjoy it in the sunshine this time. Lara, Janelle, and I went around sampling lots of foods. We accidentally sampled p√Ęte so we hurried over to sample jams and Lara and I wound up buying 4 jars of it (there was a deal, and theyre great gifts!) Janelle and I bought 5 avocados for 2 euros to fix our guacamole cravings. Then we went into the cutest cafe with the cutest little dog and we had some yummy cafe au lait.

When we returned Lara and I finally did our laundry. We were running out since we had packed so lightly and I had traveled a week before this week in Lacoste! Because of the dry air we get to dry our clothes on our cute little terrace!
We spent the rest of the afternoon doing our journals out on the terrace and enjoying the lovely view. That night after dinner a bunch of the fibers girls, and Lara the adopted fibers girl, had a movie night and watched Father of the Bride.

Sunday we woke up very motivated after a good nights sleep. After brunch Lara and I decided to walk to Menerbes, a town 8 km away. (10 miles round-trip!) All we really wanted was some exercise and some ice cream. The town is kind of on the other side of the mountain, not as steep as the roads in Lacoste, but a slight incline that was going to make walking back a challenge. We found this praying mantis in the middle of the road, probably praying for our trip back!The walk was very long and it was pretty hot, but there were a few nice views and sights along the way (plus we were greeted by a bunch of french guard dogs).
We were excited when we finally saw Menerbes in the distance! Once we got to the bottom of the hill we had to go up another but we finally made it. We were greeted by this building that says "Life is beautiful!"The town was small, with just a few roads and a few cafes. I politely asked a woman at one of the cafes if we could order only ice cream, in french, and in french she says, "only ice cream?... No." So we were mad at Menerbes and decided to head back to Lacoste, but we did see a few pretty things while there. Great views of the mountains, and beautiful ivy on one of the old buildings.The hike back was long and tiresome. You would think that after running a marathon I would be fine, but man do I have to get back in shape. We stopped for a few minutes to get a picture of us in "agony" and to catch our breath. It was quite the adventure, and we were excited to get back to Lacoste 3 1/2 hours later!
When we got back Janelle and I tried to make guacamole. We had been hoping the cafeteria would have tomatoes and onions, but they hadnt for two days and we needed our guac! So in Janelle's coffee mug we smashed two avocados, lemons from dinner the night before, and salt and pepper packets, and ate it with potato chips. Desperate huh? Happy to say there were tomatoes and onions at dinner, so we snatched them, and will probably make more today! After dinner our Advanced Fibers class had a makeup class where we shared our powerpoints about ourselves. Although there are only 8 of us, it took 4 1/2 hours and we were there until 12:30 at night! But it was very enjoyable and inspiring and it made me feel that this is going to be a really great class.

Well its now Monday morning. I have the whole day to catch up, do work, and enjoy another beautiful day in southern France! "La vie est belle!"


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you take amazing pict's , it's that gift of a creative eye!

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