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Monday, September 21, 2009

Where I've Been...

Hey! so I've been wanting to start this for awhile, but I guess I waited long enough to be surrounded by absolute beauty in Lacoste, a tiny town in southern France! I will be here for the next 8 weeks studying at SCAD Lacoste and developing myself as an artist. I already feel inspired after traveling through Barcelona and now by being able to look out my window and see this every day!As the quarter progresses I will be sure to update you on what I am working on, what is inspiring me, and what I am doing in southern France and with the rest of my travels to Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and back to Spain!

I thought I would start this off by sharing my "portfolio" of the works I have been compiling so far in my art school career. I hope to continue to grow as an artist and find my niche. Thus far I have been doing a lot of fine art pieces and pattern work. I hope that I can find a way to use my artwork to help others... I am just trying to figure out what that will look like! Well, wish me luck and enjoy the updates from southern France!!


booknate said...

i'm in love with the 5th one from the bottom! the 6th one from the top reminds me of something i saw at the uarts SR crafts show.. she was a fibers major too (and that was her thesis work) keep up the good work! i can't wait to see/read more :)

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