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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Math talk

Step 1--> 150+40+15+15+24=244/36=6.78-->7 yards
Step 2--> 30+2+3=35x12=420+4=424 warp ends
Step 3--> 7x424=2968 yards for warp

33x12=396x180=71280/36= 1980 yards for weft

Thats what a 60x75 inch throw blanket looks like in math terms. I am going to be making a handwoven cotton flake blanket exactly how I want it. I ordered my materials this afternoon from Yarn Barn, and as soon as they get here I can start! Its going to be an enjoyable process (I hope) after I thread 424- 7 yard threads through the loom!

Also, check out these amazing handwoven throws from Swans Island, if only I could afford them, theyre beautiful!


alli/hooray said...

I love Swans Island blankets and SO wish I could afford one, too. Have fun making your own - that is some serious math behind it.

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