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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'll probably be taking you through a lot of in-process work these last two weeks of the quarter since I will be making a lot. I have all 432- 8 yard warps made and on the loom and I am slowly winding them onto the back beam so I can thread each one individually through the 432 hooks, hopefully tomorrow! Heres what some of the process is like...

Using this warping board I wind the thread around the pegs, which are a yard apart. My warp is 8 yards long, which is what is shown below. Only about 108 warps can fit on the board, so I had to make four separate bundles of warps.
Here are the colors I will be using. The slate grey is the warp, the vertical threads, the natural white will be the weft or horizontal threads, and the peach is a tabby thread, which will mostly be underneath the white to make the base cloth, but will show through across the whole blanket, hopefully! I've already gone through almost 3 pounds of the grey yarn making the warps. 3 pounds of yarn more and I will have a blanket!
Heres what 432-8 yard warps look like before they get onto the loom. Somehow they are all threaded through in the correct order!
My warp is as wide as the loom, a step up from the samplers we have been doing prior. This project is really our first project, but how cool that we have so much knowledge now in only 8 weeks and I'm able to weave my very own 60x75 inch throw blanket!
Cant wait to see it done.... just a few more hours to go, right?


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