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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Printfresh Studio

This winter I mentioned I had the opportunity to intern at Printfresh Studio, a textile design company in Philadelphia. Formed in 2006 by Amy and Leo Voloshin, Printfresh has become a leader in fashion textile design. Their sales team sells original and vintage designs to their growing list of clients. They also exhibit at several international trade shows including Direction by Indigo, Printsource, and Premiere Vision in Paris.

The Printfresh team of designers is dedicated to creating trend-right designs for the apparel industry. Amy also travels through Europe and the US to collect beautiful vintage documents for clients' inspiration.

During my time at Printfresh I helped the designers make their digital prints come to life. I screen printed designs, sewed prints into shirt fronts to be shown to clients, and added to the growing vintage archives. Although only 3 years old, this company is producing and selling lots of great prints. Don't be surprised if you are wearing one of their designs now or in the near future.


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