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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year

Its been awhile since my last post, but a lot has happened since then. I finished my internship at Printfresh, I really enjoyed it. Its a new decade! I'm back in Savannah! and a bunch of things in between...

Because my brother goes to West Point we got tickets to the Army Navy game at the Linc. It was cold and army lost, but it was an experience.
I'll probably look like a horrible person, but my boyfriend and I get a kick out of, so we decided to go and see if we could find any interesting people... we did.
Christmas was nice, spent time with the family and opened some presents, including my very own laptop! A year and a half after spilling water on my old Mac, I am the very proud owner of the new 13" Macbook Pro, and I promise I will never bring liquids near it. Speaking of Macs, my roommate Eny, who I had not seen since the summer, made an appearance in Philly and brought her dead Mac along. We went to two different Mac stores, in two different states, but we successfully revived her computer.
While in New York we visited Central Park, ate Korean Food, freezed our butts off, and Eny saw some of the major NYC attractions for the first time.
We headed back to Brooklyn to warm up and grab a cup of coffee at Heights Coffee Lounge. I was excited to get a HUGE small latte that tasted a lot like the coffee in Europe. Oh how I miss it.
Back at home there was a lot of snow, 20 some inches, and lazy dogs.
New Years Eve Chester and I had an empty house, and he redeemed his coupon for a Melissa cooked meal. I took on the challenge to make him some Honduran food, which was good, and bad. Since I have never had Honduran food, I was not sure how it was supposed to taste, and the women that make it are pros, and I was certainly a beginner. But some of it was very tasty! some we had to laugh at. But a good way to ring in the new year/decade!
January 2nd I left early in the morning for Savannah. After 7 months away I was returning to my apartment and my wonderful friends that I missed. I was greeted (tackled) by about 8 or 9 or them at the airport, which was fun! I spent most of the weekend (and Im still going) moving back into the apartment. Lara arrived later that night and our household was complete again. .
There has been lots of hanging out and classes started yesterday. I have a feeling this quarter will be very busy, but very good. I am excited to be screen printing, weaving, and working on my portfolio. Crazy that in only 7 months I will be a college graduate and hopefully ready to work!! This is the year.


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